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Intermediate Panel


Jan 7, 2011 - Manufacturing Approval 97-03


Parts Design Approval# 11-31

LH and RH Intermediate Panels for AS350/ AS355 Helicopters

Aluminum Flat Panel

We have the capabilities to fabricate flat panels with aluminum top and bottom skins and aluminum honeycomb core. These panels are made to order, all you have to do is send us your dimensions. We fabricate these panels using the same process as the helicopter panels we repair under our existing approvals. The panels will come with a Certificate of Conformance stating they were fabricated using our existing processes. 

These panels can be made out of various thickness of aluminum skins and various thickness of honeycomb core. 

They would be excellent for customers who either have a homebuilt aircraft or they can be used in conjunction with an approval to install new avionics equipment. 

Please inquire to find out more information.