AH Structural Composites Ltd.

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Composite Repairs

Our company has the capability to repair composite parts, on a wide variety of Helicopter and Fixed Wing Aircraft such as: Airbus AS350, AS355, EC130, EC120; Bell 206, 205, 212, 214, 412; King Air; Beech 1900


 - Beech 1900 Airstair Doors

 -  King Air Leading edge delamination and disbond, that required a hot bond. 

  - Bell 206 vertical Stabilizer that required a repair due to corrosion in the honeycomb

 - Airglas ski's for 206 and 412

 - Aerocet Fiberglas Floats

 - Airbus AS350 and AS355 Canopy Structure

 - Airbus  AS355 Engine Cowls for hot bond of EA9390 resin

 - Airbus AS350 Engine Cowls for hot bond of EA9390 resin

 - Bell 214 Drive Shaft Cover

 - Bell 214 upper and lower nose panels

 - Bell 214 fin Panels

 - Bell 412 upper and lower nose panels

 - Bell 205,212,412 Tailboom panel changes in our facility (we can remove, repair and reinstall your panels)

 - Bell 205, 206,212,412 Fuselage panel changes in our facility (we can remove, repair and reinstall your panels)

- S61N/S61L Cabin Floor Panels

This is a short list of the vast amount of parts that we can repair, please contact us to see how we can help you with your repair needs.